LED perks at a lower price


Light-emitting diode (LED) lamps are often touted as highly important technology in energy-efficient lighting. And for good reason! They offer a variety of advantages of over conventional lighting options. However, they can come with a significant price tag. Fortunately, PG&E rebates can help your business take full advantage of LED lighting. Depending on the LEDs you purchase, savings can range from $15 for accent lighting to up to $300 for high-bay fixtures. Plus, LEDs use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting.

Before you buy, explore all the LED benefits:

Long life
Many LED products have a rated life of 50,000 hours or more, much longer than other lighting technologies like incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. While a long lifespan is beneficial in any lighting application (reducing replacement and maintenance), it is especially important when access is difficult or maintenance costs are high. Examples include high-bay lighting, outdoor lighting or cold-temperature environments. Often, LEDs pay for themselves over the course of their long lives.

LEDs are mostly resistant to vibration because they do not have filaments or glass enclosures. Vibration can reduce the life of standard incandescent and HID lamps. The inherent vibration resistance of LEDs can be useful for lighting near industrial equipment or outdoor areas.

Because they are made of solid-state materials, LED lamps do not break easily. This can be beneficial in applications where lamp breakage can be a problem, such as sports arenas or parking lots. LED durability is also beneficial in areas where broken glass would present a particular hazard, such as childcare centers and commercial kitchens.

Directional light output
Most light sources emit light in all directions. A fixture is needed to reflect light and direct it to where it is needed. Because of their physical characteristics, and because they are mounted on a flat surface, LEDs emit light in a single direction. For applications such as task and display lighting, this helps to deliver more light where it is needed while using less energy.

Instant startup
Most fluorescent lamps have a short delay before coming to full brightness after being turned on. HID lamps have an even longer warm-up time, often more than 10 minutes. HID lamps also have a restrike time delay — they must be allowed to cool before being turned on again. LED lamps, by contrast, start almost instantaneously and have no restrike time delay. This can be beneficial for security purposes or for use with lighting controls.

Cold temperature operation
LED light output and efficacy (light output per watt) increase as the surrounding temperature falls. In one U.S. Department of Energy study of refrigerated case lighting, LED efficacy increased by 5 percent at 23°F, compared to operation at 77°F. The improved performance of LEDs in cold temperature environments makes them well suited for refrigerated and freezer cases, cold storage facilities and many outdoor applications.

Color options
LEDs emit light in a wide range of colors in the visible spectrum. This attribute allows different color combinations and the ability to create color effects for signage, display lighting and other applications.

No mercury
Fluorescent and HID lighting require a small amount of mercury, a hazardous substance, to operate. LEDs contain zero mercury, making disposal easier. The longer life of LEDs also helps to reduce their environmental impact.

The LED market continues to grow rapidly and LED products are an excellent retrofit option in many lighting applications. PG&E rebates can make LEDs an even better choice!

The right rebates for you

PG&E offers many LED lighting rebates and incentives, including:

  • Linear LED Retrofits
  • LED Direction Lamp Replacements
  • LED Exterior Area Lighting
  • LED High-Bay Lighting
  • LED Refrigerated and Frozen Food Case Program
  • LED Street Light Program
  • LED Street Light Turnkey Replacement Service

Need advice on what's best for your business? Visit pge.com/led to learn more about LEDs and rebates. You can also contact your local PG&E Account Representative or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

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