Energy Advisor

12 days of energy savings

  • Learn 12 ways to save on energy costs
  • Lower thermostat to 68°F. Each degree above 68 uses 3-5% more energy.
  • Install LED lights for lasting bene ts
  • Set your refrigerator to 38°F.
  • Furniture and carpet, make heating systems work harder and prevent rooms from warming up quickly.
  • Insulate outlets and light switches.
  • Open blinds during the day to capture heat and close blinds at night to prevent cold from windows.
  • Use solar lights outdoors.
  • Only run full loads of the dishwasher and use energy saving settings.
  • Use a power strip for holiday lights and turn off when not in use.
  • Buy ENERGY STAR appliances and electronic devices. Save up to 68% more.
  • Turn off your water heater if away for several days.
  • Take a free Home Energy Checkup and get personalized savings tips.